If you do not know your bra size then we suggest you use the guide below as a starting point. Then check your fit by following our fitting guide.

Remember that this method should be used as a guide only, not everyone has the same body shape. Also different brands have different sizing systems, so you will not be the same size in every brand. Be aware that your size can fluctuate, depending on menstrual cycles.

There are two main measurements used to find your bra size; these are your underbust and bust size. These measurements are usually taken in inches.

Underbust is measured by positioning the measuring tape just under the bust; this is around the rib cage. Make sure the tape sits straight across your back. Use the chart below to work out your recommended band size.

Bust size is taken over the fullest part of your bust (over your nipple), sitting level around the body. Make sure that the tape measure is not too tight. Use the chart below to work out your recommended cup size.

Example of how to use the chart: if your underbust measures 36 inches, then your band size should be 40. If your bust measures 43 inches, then your bust size should be D cup. Your recommended bra size is 40D.