All garments should be hand washed using a mild detergent (that is suitable for silks) in cold water. Scrubbing or using hot water on your garments can cause the fabric to become damaged. Make sure that dark and light fabrics are washed separately. All you need to do is use the guide below to help you:





1. Run cool water with the recommended amount of mild detergent





2. Submerge your garments for a few minutes and gently wash, do not scrub – as this will damage the fabric





3. Rinse thoroughly and allow the excess water to drip out, do not wring as this could damage the fabric





4. Roll up garment in a clean towel to remove the rest of the water




5. Keep garment flat and leave to air dry, do not use any additional heat like a radiator or a tumble dry. The heat could damage the fabric and elastics. Also make sure you keep away from direct sunlight.

Be aware that after a period of time, the texture of the fabrics can change due to natural wash and wear.


  • Using bleach or chlorine containing detergents
  • Scrubbing your garments
  • Wringing out your garment
  • Using additional heat like a radiator or a tumble dryer
  • Drying in direct sunlight